ColorTune Basic

There are times when you want to monitor your proofing system but you don’t have a Licensed ColorTune package.
Follow this outline to obtain a comparison of a new proof to an original reference. The report is viewed on the monitor but can be printed by printing a screen capture.


Launch ColorTune


Click on the splash screen to move ahead in the aplication.


Click OK. You will be working without the dongle.


Go to File > Export.

elect the measure device and the Target. I suggest using the target named SherpaProof_ISO_Check. This target will be used to print at first when defining the Reference and later anytime you want to run a Reference Check.


Click Export


Browse to a location where you can save the exported file. Give it a name and select PDF as the file format. Click Save. You will print it now and anytime later for a Reference Check.


The top image is an ID Strip that tells the application which strip you are going to measure.
The bottom image is the SherpaProof ISO Check strip to be printed.
Click Print. After the strips are printed you will measure the ID Strip and then the Proof Check stiip.


Click the + sign to begin the measure process.


Select the measure device and the target. You see a small circle to the right of the image. After you measure the stirp, you will see a green check in the circle. Click Next when you see the green check.


When you save the measurement, it will automatically be saved in a special location so it will show up at the right time in the compare window. The Save Type should be Proofing Reference.

Notice the file is not entered in the left-hand window after Save but it is saved in a unique location with References, to be used later.

When you want to run a Reference Check, print the same target again – measure and save the file.


You can scroll down to the Reference strip you previously saved and defined.

You will see the Average delta-E and Standard deviation values.

To keep a record of your Reference Checks, just do a Screen Capture of the d-E data and save it in a Word Pad file.

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