:Apogee 7 self-paced instruction

Welcome to :Apogee 7. This release of the :Apogee Suite of products contains new features and enhancements to earlier versions of :Apogee Prepress, Portal, Platemaker and Color. As with earlier versions of new releases for the :Apogee family of products, we have constructed this on-line training series to help you understand what’s new in this release.

This self paced instruction includes information on the changes that have taken place within Prepress, Portal, PlateMaker, and Color. In addition, an on-line module is also included that provides an overview of our latest enhancement to :Apogee Prepress – :Apogee Impose. Impose is an advanced imposition module that introduces an entirely new and dynamic way of imposing jobs in a truly integrated workflow.

While we understand that on-line instruction provides a resource that can be immediately sourced for education on new products releases, we also understand that this approach to training is not for everyone. Likewise, where entirely new advancements like :Apogee Impose are introduced to the :Apogee Suite, we have found through our own experiences that face to face instruction provides for a more thorough learning experience. This is why we continue to offer classroom and on-site instruction for users who can benefit more through this type of learning environment. We encourage you to assess what’s best for you to understand all of the advancements that have taken place within :Apogee and to select the best option to ensure that you are up to date with these developments. If you are interested in discussing our classroom or on-site training options, please contact us at:

978-284-7173 or!

Basic Navigational Tips

The on-line training modules are structured by system type and are then segmented by category – new features, functional changes, and technology updates. In addition to viewing the information on-line, there is also now an option for you to view a PDF of the material by selecting the Download/view PDF selection at the beginning or end of each page. You can then print this PDF for later reference as needed.

As with earlier version of our on-line instruction, you’ll find information that is static, using screenshots and text to explain features and functionality. You’ll also find information that is video based where this is better used to educate you on enhancements, changes, or new functionality within :Apogee 7.

To directly access a specific category within the :Apogee 7 Suite of products, select the appropriate icon below: