:Apogee 6

Apogee 6 is Released!

We're pleased to present our self-paced :Apogee 6 instruction!

Our team of instructors and workflow specialists have designed and written these modules with you in mind. Our aim is to create focused instructional modules to deliver the information you need to be productive with your upgrade.

You'll find a wealth of information here. Whether you have Prepress, Portal or Platemaker, learn what's new right here.

There's also a section on options - look it over and see if we don't have that extra something you've been looking for!

Finally, we're always available to work with you one-on-one. Contact us to schedule your on-site workflow consultation or to purchase that must-have option at:

978-284-7173 or!

Basic Navigational Tips

We've organized educational information into three sections. Click any of the three buttons at the bottom of this page to access your basic product family.

Feel free to look at ANY of the information posted here to learn about products or options you don't already have!

Once you start exploring, there are a few things you should know. Some of the information is static, using screenshots and text to explain concepts and features. You'll also find embedded videos. When you click the video icon, please give it time to load. If it doesn't start up, just click it again!

For each topic, there's a listing for Applies to. This details which product flavors contain the feature.

Each topic concludes with a Why is this Important? note. This is from us to you to tell you what we think is cool, important or useful.

  • Prepress is organized by features, enhancements and changes.
  • Portal is organized by general information, StreamProof, WebApproval and Project Manager.
  • Options is organized by New and Give These A Look.