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New Features: Smart Input Space Recognition (SISR)
At A Glance:

SISR is a new tool in Apogee Preflight that validates color in PDFs and warns if problems are discovered. SISR allows fully automatic detection of color for Press Repurposing.

Applies To:

ColorTune 7.0 (Apogee Color Quality Manager license)

How It Works:

SISR ensures color consistency within a document by checking images for “unsafe” color. SISR doesn’t convert color, it can be configured to warn of problems or adjust images by re-embedding them with the same ICC profile as the rest of the PDF. Once SISR has adjusted the images in a PDF, color conversion to the press space is determined by the Render settings.

SISR runs as an Action List to examine images within PDFs and identify color tags (ICC profiles). If tags are missing, SISR can tag images to match the rest of the document or warn the operator that problems were found. SISR has five possible actions and uses a library of user-defined ICC profiles:






SISR Profiles are loaded by Prepress operators and should be the same as the Press Profiles used in the workflow. The list should be limited to used profiles because the entire list is compared against images by Apogee Preflight.

When one of the SISR actions is enabled, Prepress examines images for Total ink, Max K, Start K, Gamut, Dotgain, Gray balance and determines likely profile tags. It looks at the ICC profile list and calculates a probable match. If a match is located, the ICC profile is used to perform the action selected.

SISR automates Press Repurposing. To use Press Repurposing in earlier versions, it was necessary to open the images within the PDF and examine embedded profiles. SISR detects and uses the profiles to perform Press Repurposing automatically.

Since SISR is checking between CMYK profiles, it is important to set the PDFRender to Use Tagged Profile and set the Press to the desired CMYK output profile.

Why is this Important?

There are many prepress applications that apply tags to images, sometimes unexpectedly. SISR allows Prepress to automate the detection and possible correction of mis-tagged images that may print with poor color. SISR ensures consistent color throughout the entire document — automatically.

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