Update Manager Changes

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Functional Change: Update Manager Enhancements
At A Glance:

Enhancements have been made to the Update Manager to better help manage the application of hot fixes and service packs.

Applies To:

Prepress Automate, Manager, Control, Render, PDF & Proof, PlateMaker

How It Works:

The Update Manager is used to install hot fixes and service packs to Apogee Prepress systems. If you have a workflow care contract these updates are delivered to the Update Manager automatically.
The Installed Updates list will show when a update was installed. The update description will indicate on the first line when the update was released.

Update Manager

Option settings in the Update manager can now control if the system is restarted after installing or uninstalling updates.

Option Settings

Status icons (Warning/Error) are now shown on top of UM icon in the Windows task bar.

Status Icons

Why is this Important?

Although the update manager is intended for use by Agfa personnel only, you should be aware of the enhancements made to the Update Manager.

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