PDF-Specific Updates

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Tech Update: PDF-Specific Updates
At A Glance:

:Apogee Prepress 7 includes updates to both the Normalizer engine and the Enfocus PitStop libraries.

Applies To:

Prepress Automate, Manage, PDF, PDF & Proof

How It Works:

Updating core technology ensures your files are processed with up to date libraries from our partners. Normalizer serves two main purposes – creating PDFs when you send PostScript and validating things like fonts when you send PDF files.

Prepress 7 includes Normalizer 9.01.

Normalizer Normalizer 9.01

If you are licensed for Enfocus Preflight, Prepress has updated to the PitStop 9 libraries. Additionally, the GWG (Ghent Workflow Group) profiles are included. If you need older profiles, the :Apogee Prepress Resources DVD offers a link to these. If you are already using older profiles in your workflow, these will not be uninstalled by the upgrader.

Your Enfocus Profiles and Actions ARE NOT compatible with :Apogee Preflight.

Why is this Important?

It’s important to stay technologically current. As your design applications continue to update and offer enhancements, you need your workflow to do the same!

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