Functional Changes

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Functional Changes: PlateMaker and Prepress Synchronization
At A Glance:

The PlateMaker Link task processor will now automatically synchronize output sizes and punch calibration from Prepress to PlateMaker.

How It Works:

When the PlateMaker Link is started it will send any new or updated output sizes and punch calibrations from Prepress to PlateMaker. This functionality is turned on by default.

Output Sizes and Punch Calibrations

  1. Add an output size and punch calibration on the Prepress system.
  2. Add output size

  3. Right-click the PlateMaker Link task in System Overview and select Restart.
  4. PlateMaker LinkRestart

    A restart of the entire Apogee Prepress System will produce the same effect.

  5. After the restart completes, you will see the newly added output size on the PlateMaker.
  6. Before / After

    Why is this Important?

    Prior to this functional change, scripts were required to synchronize resources between PlateMaker and Prepress. Now a simple restart of the PlateMaker Link on the Prepress system will ensure that the two systems are in sync.

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