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Tech Update: Browser Support
At A Glance:

Internet Explorer and Safari are the currently supported browsers.

Applies To:

:Apogee Portal Project Manager, WebApproval

How It Works:

Every new release or update of Internet Explorer and/or Safari is tested to run :Apogee Portal Project Manager and WebApproval. As a result, these are the two browsers that are officially supported with the release of Portal 7.

Safari Internet Explorer

This does not mean that other browsers won’t work. It simply means that during functional testing of the new release only these two are cleared for use.

Internet Explorer versions 7.0 – 8.0, and Safari 4.0 or higher are supported for both PageMaster and the ClassicUI. Firefox 3.6 is supported for the ClassicUI only.

PageMaster requires the Adobe Flash Player 10.1.53 or higher.

Why is this Important?

We don’t officially support additional browsers but you are free to experiment with any of them. You can utilize the new “Browser Check” feature, covered later in this section.

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