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Functional Change: Specify WebApproval Account in QuickFill
At A Glance:

The QuickFill dialog has expanded considerably since its introduction in Prepress 6. You can specify the WebApproval Account and Customer Contact in Prepress 7.

Applies To:

Portal WebApproval

How It Works:

When you start a new job from a template, the QuickFill dialog allows you to enter a lot more job-specific data up front. Depending on the job and the information you already have regarding how the job will process, you can enter as much or little as you need.

Information from the QuickFill dialog populates the Administration tab, and parts of the Product and Plan tabs. If you are using :Apogee Impose, information you provide in QuickFill can be used by Prepress for both automatic and manual imposition.

To examine the enhancements in QuickFill, start a new job from templates.

You can ALWAYS override what you’ve entered in the QuickFill dialog. Just go to the Administration, Product or Plan tab and manually enter new or updated information!


For additional information on the other QuickFill Enhancements, please see the Prepress section elsewhere on this site.

In the QuickFill dialog, enter an order number and job name. Notice the Customer fields to the left? These allow you to enter the customer and contact information right now, instead of having to wait and fill them into the Administration tab. The Company name drop down will allow you to select any currently defined WebApproval account on the Prepress system. Customer contact allows you to select which pre-defined company user will be used for the job.

Your WebApproval Companies may have one or more contacts. If you have multiple contacts, you may select WHICH contact will receive Prepress and Portal notifications.


You are NOT limited to to using just Company name and Customer contact fields when creating WebApproval jobs.

Why is this Important?

Having the ability to enter your WebApproval Account information at this stage saves you the step of going to the Administration tab and selecting it there.

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