JDF Server Redesign

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Tech Updates: JDF Server Redesign for PlateMaker 7
At A Glance:

There’s been a major under-the-hood change in JDF Server connectivity between Prepress and PlateMaker.

Applies To:

PlateMaker, PlateMaker LE; Prepress Automate, Manage, Control, Render

How It Works:

If you’re currently a Prepress to PlateMaker user, you’ll notice improved error recovery, enhanced messaging, and in some cases, speed improvements.

For those who regularly process high page counts (1000+) the delivery time between the systems has decreased dramatically.

JDF Server improvements have made possible several other functional changes documented elsewhere in PlateMaker section of this on-line education.

Why is this Important?

A better framework allows more productive interaction between products, which means
more tools and speed for you.

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