InkSave Enhancements

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Functional Change: InkSave Enhancements
At A Glance:

Apogee InkSave has been very successful as an Ink Optimization application. There were still some improvements that could be made.

With the release of Prepress 7, the InkSave option offers significant quality improvements.

Applies To:

InkSave License in Prepress 7

How It Works:

Advance overprint handling in Prepress 7 has been revised.

This algorithm (also known as “zero/nonzero preserving”) is used by the PDFRender to automatically handle object overlap areas when color conversion or transparency flattening is required. It is automatically enabled and happens without user intervention. Warnings of potential problems are suppressed by default but may be enabled in the Debug tab of the PDFRender configuration.

You must be logged in as Service level access to configure PDFRender. Please contact your LCC for additional access if required.

With the improved algorithm we recommend Maximum InkSave settings as shown below.

InkSave in Prepress 7 and transparencies:

InkSave can be applied on most transparency jobs without a problem because most jobs contain “normal” blending modes. Prepress 7 will detect transparency blending modes that are not considered “normal” and will post a warning and will also automatically disable the InkSave conversion.

Although this can be considered a loss of functionality, it is important to know that nonnormal blending modes for transparencies are not commonly used. This solutions enables more secure processing for InkSave workflows.

If you’re concerned about transparency issues, a PDFRender configuration option may be enabled to force user interaction.

If the box noted above is checked the following user interaction will be raised:

When the above message is received, the user can either edit the job and do a manual action (disable InkSave or use pre-flattened PDFs) or continue the job and inspect the results carefully.

Converted spot colors and InkSave in Prepress 7.0

Prepress 7 still uses the DCA routine when converted spot colors are rendered with the Emulate Overprint option enabled. This is done regardless of whether InkSave is applied or not. Prepress 7 automatically enables the Emulate Overprint option for most jobs that contain spots which need to be converted.

When applying InkSave to these kind of jobs , under-filling can still occur.

The Device Color Adjuster (DCA) routine is positioned at the very last stage before screening (convert to 1-bit data). At that stage the data is flattened, so all transparencies, tobe converted spots and overprints of CMYK objects are resolved.

To prevent under-filling, the PDFRender Color Management settings can be configured to “don’t convert” or InkSave can still be applied if wanted.

Process Spot colors (Separation colors/DeviceN)

When process colors are coded as spot colors, the Render parameter set may be configured to handle them several different ways. By default these colors are treated as CMYK input. However when these objects have overprint attributes, the APPE loses the ability to honor the overprint attribute and do the inksave conversion, meaning some objects that should be overprinted might be rendered as knockout.

A check is build in Prepress 7 to warn you when overprint issues are encountered and the job is using InkSave.

In such a case there are 3 options for the user:

  1. Edit the Job and disable InkSave.
  2. Continue the job (with InkSave on) but carefully inspect the result after rendering to see if it is OK.
  3. Edit the Job and disable the (InkSave) conversion of process spot color. In the PDFRender Color Management settings (Spot tab): you can Select “Don’t Convert” rather than the default setting.

In all 3 workflows it is important to double check the contents of these files and compare them with the Acrobat overprint preview. Here is an example of what could go wrong, the left image shows what the rendered result should be, the right image shows that the object that is supposed to overprint was knocked out.

Why is this Important?

Inksave is a very powerful tool. With enhanced overprint handling and improved detection and notification of potential issues, Inksave creates a more flexible workflow with better predictability.

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