Web Growth Test Pages

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Functional Change: Web Growth Test Pages
At A Glance:

The Prepress Client now offers the possibility to run a test page for WebGrowth. The test page job will be automatically deleted when plates have been output. This feature is only available for PC clients.

Applies To:

Prepress Control, Manage, and Integrate

How It Works:

Select the Generic Press (a) task processor in the system overview window. On the bottom of your screen you will see all the resources (b) that are available for the Generice Press task processor.



If you don’t see any resources it means that the access level of your client is set to “operator”. This needs to be changed to “administrator”. This change is password protected.

Double click the Webgrowth Profiles icon in the “Resources of Generic Press” area. This will open a new window. In this window click the “Test…” button.

In the Web Growth Test Page window, select the press for which you need to create a test page. Select the output device you’ll use to plate the test. Select the correct plate size and the appropriate Image and Output parameter values.

:Apogee will create a new job once you click print. The job will be automatically deleted when the job is finished.

Why is this Important?

With previous version of :Apogee the operator had to build a specific job or hot ticket to create a test page from which to measure web growth. These steps are eliminated with :Apogee 7.

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