Generic Press TP Added Automatically

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Functional Change: Generic Press TP Added Automatically
At A Glance:

With Prepress 7, when you add an output device, the Generic Press task is automatically added to your flow.

Applies To:

Prepress Automate, Manage, Control, PDF, PDF & Proof, PlateMaker

How It Works:

Simple! When you build a flow, you no longer have to add the Generic Press task yourself. Since all output flows (plate, film, proofing) must end with a Generic Press task, the system automatically adds one when ever you drag in an output task.

To see it in action, do the following.

  1. Build a normal flow and add an output device.
  2. Notice there’s a Generic Press task placed at the end of the flow.
Why is this Important?

This simply saves you a step when you build your plans. Because Prepress 7 now supports just one press task, the Generic Press TP, it makes it easy for the system to figure out how to end each flow.

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