Stop Archive or Import Process

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Functional Change: Stop Archive or Import Process
At A Glance:

Prepress 7 allows you to stop a job from archiving or stop a job from importing.

Applies To:

Prepress Automate, Manage

How It Works:

Pretty simply, actually. When a job is in the process of archiving or importing, you’ll see the little file drawer icon next to it in the job list.

To stop a job from archiving, context-click and select “Stop Archiving.”

To stop a job from importing, context-click and select “Stop Importing.”

Unless it’s a large job, or your system is very busy, you’ll have to be quick. Those menu picks are only available while the archive or import function is running.

Why is this Important?

Being able to stop an archive or halt an import gives you a bit more control over your workflow. If you select a job you really didn’t want, this is a quick and simple way to stop the process!

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