Raster Preview

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New Feature: Raster Preview Enhancements
At A Glance:

Digital Light Table, Marquee Zoom and Color Managed Preview have been added to Raster Preview in the PlateMaker Client.

How It Works:

When a job is opened in raster preview using the PlateMaker Client, new tools available.

  1. Color Managed Preview – When selected, the preview is displayed using the output profile.
  2. In order to get an accurate view of the color, you need to have a monitor profile for each monitor. This requires the ColorTune Display option. If you don’t have this option contact your local Agfa Sales Represenative.

  3. Digital Light Table – When a signature has both a front and a back it is possible to view both at the same time. This allows for checking front to back alignment. Click on the icon of the light table to turn on and off this feature.
  4. Marquee Zoom – You can now drag a box (marque) to select an area to zoom in to.
  5. Summary/wrap up

    In Prepress 7, many of the features previously available only in the Prepress Client are now available in PlateMaker.

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