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Functional Change: Portal/PageMaster Preferences Updates
At A Glance:

There are a few new preference settings for Portal that impact how you and your customers get information from your system. New settings allow your customers to override page approvals and/or receive emails for each individual Prepress job version. You can also control whether your main PageMaster logon screen allows for automatic password emails and whether or not to display a registration request link. There’s also a change in the default setting of one of the existing preferences regarding PDF Previews.

Applies To:

Portal ProjectManager, WebApproval

How It Works:

Most of these settings may be set as defaults from the main Portal preferences page. You may override these on a company-by-company basis as well. For example, you may want to set version emails OFF by default, but for a specific customer turn this on.

Let’s look at the new preferences options first. Access Preferences by logging on to the Classic UI as the application manager user and select Settings > Preferences.

In most cases, the Application Manager username is Delano or Portal. Yours might be different or may start with a lower case letter. Regardless, usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

In the Applications section of the Preferences window, there are three new settings. They are indicated by the red arrows and described below.

Registration Requests

In Portal 6, if a user wanted to request access to your system, they had to navigate to the Classic UI and fill out a form.

With the release of Portal 7, users can access the Registration Request screen from PageMaster if you’ve set your system preferences to allow this. In the Application section of the Preferences window, select/deselect the Enable “New User Registration” Link checkbox.

When selected, the PageMaster logon screen displays a clickable link, enabling customer access to a registration form. Once they fill in the appropriate information, the registration requests is sent to your Registration Request user and you handle it just as you did in Portal 6.

Forgotten Password

Just below Registration Requests preference is the Enable “Forgot Password” Link checkbox. If you want to display a Forgot Password? link on the PageMaster logon screen, enable the checkbox. Portal will ask for an email, then send the user a link via the provided email address. The user must log in and change the password within 1 week.

Versions Emails

The final new preference in the Application area allows you to send “proofs are available for approval” emails for each individual page version when using Prepress Versioning. Previously, emails were sent only when the first page was available and when all pages were available. Now, if it’s a Prepress versioning job, emails can be automatically generated for each version as proofs become available.

Enable or disable “Approval Emails/Messages per Version” checkbox. If you use Prepress versioning in your jobs, you may want to take advantage of this feature.

Both the Registration Requests and the Forgotten Password features have been available through the Classic UI since Portal 6. The ability to turn this on/off is new and impacts both the Classic UI and PageMaster.

Generating emails for each version page is new to Portal 7. If you use Prepress Versioning and WebApproval, this can be utilized to notify your customers EVERY TIME a new version page is ready to look at. Or, you may want to continue as you have, notifying only on the first page’s availability and once all pages are available.

The Company Default section of the Preferences window contains a few new items as well. In the image below, you’ll notice three red arrows, indicating new to Portal 7 items.

Allow PDF + StreamProof Viewing

Until now, your customer could view both the StreamProof and the PDF of pages ready for approval. This has been the default behavior of Portal. A new preference setting allows you to continue or change that behavior.

In the Company Defaults section of Preferences, select or deselect the Allow PDF viewing as well as StreamProof viewing checkbox. If it is DISABLED, your customer will not be allowed to view PDF pages of their jobs when StreamProofs exist. It also means if your customer regularly downloads the PDF, they will be unable to do so. When ENABLED, the system behaves as it always has.

For more information on Portal WebApproval Self Service job creation, please see the separate section elsewhere in the Portal web instruction.

PageMaster Job Creation

One of the biggest new features in Portal 7 (WebApproval) is the Self-Service feature. This preference is tied directly to that. When the Allow PageMaster Job Creation checkbox is enabled, and one of the radio buttons selected, your customer can initiate a new job on your system. Deselecting the box means the customer may not initiate jobs.

Remember, this is a system preference, but may be overridden on a customer-bycustomer basis!

Cancel Approvals

Prior to the release of Portal 7, once a page was approved, if the customer changed their mind and wanted to change the content, they would have to call you. A Prepress operator would then access the job and override the page rejection, allowing the customer to upload a new page and go through the approval process again.

This was good for you because it ensured that once the page(s) was approved, you could continue processing the job.

With Portal 7, you can allow a customer to CANCEL page approvals via PageMaster. By selecting the “Allow PageMaster Cancel Approval Requests” checkbox, your customer may now cancel previous approvals. Deselecting the checkbox means Portal behaves the same as it did previously.

When enabled, your customer can change their mind without telling you, cancel an approval, and upload a new page. The downside is that you may have already started producing plates and/or hardcopy proofs. The upside is that cancelling an approval no longer requires job interaction on your part.

IMPORTANT Preference Change

One preference default has changed which may or may not impact you. In the Application section of the Preferences window, the default value for “Prevent preview approval when soft proof is available” has changed. By default, it is now SELECTED, which means your customer can no longer approve pages from the Preview screen. Carefully consider what you want to allow (approve at Preview? approve at StreamProof only?) then check and set this preference to fit your environment.

Once you’ve set all your preferences, save them by clicking the green disk icon in the toolbar.

Finally, remember that you are setting system-wide preferences. You can override them on a customer-by-customer basis by editing that company’s preferences.

Why is this Important?

A new release is a great opportunity to take an overall look at how your system is configured. With several new and/or changed preference settings, think about which ones to use (all the time? some of the time? never?) then make and save your selections.

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