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Using the :Apogee Impose Tutorial
At A Glance:

The :Apogee Impose Tutorial is designed to provide a primer on features and functionality available within the software. It is not intended to be a comprehensive instruction manual, but you should, upon completion, be able to start using :Apogee Impose successfully.

Applies To:

Prepress Integrate, Manage

How It Works:

The :Apogee Impose Tutorial is a self-paced guide to using the product’s features within your workflow. It is comprised of nine lessons, each one building on the next. For example, your first lesson steps you through the creation of a simple job using resources currently available in your system. It concludes with the creation of a job using the Auto Impose feature.

In the first section of the :Apogee Impose web instruction, we introduced you to the concepts of both Auto Impose and Manual Imposition, through both video (to see it work!) and descriptive screen shots. The next three lessons covered Terminology, Navigation & Interaction, and an Overview of Defining Resources.

Now it’s your turn. If you’ve skipped right to this, we strongly recommend you go back and review the previous four lessons – for example, we don’t call “signatures” signatures in :Apogee Impose. We call them Press Sheets.

To help guide you through this tutorial, we’ve created several video vignettes. They are divided into lesson groupings. Currently we have Tutorial lessons 1-6 complete. As we get more, we’ll post them here for your reference. Each vignette shows a part of the lesson. They’re broken down into smaller chunks, so you can view what you need, when you need it.

Or, use them as a review once you’ve completed the Tutorial lesson on your own. Ready to begin?

1. Download the Tutorial.

2. Download the following vignettes.

The Tutorial uses files already on your Prepress 7 system. PDF files are located in the Support Files folder; job ticket templates are located in the Tutorial category of your Job Ticket list.

What’s Next?

Please check back here for more content – we’re continuing to add to the :Apogee Impose section to better educate you on the features and use of this exciting option.

Also we are scheduling a series of interactive Webinars, lead by Agfa Academy instructors. Call 1-800-TRY AGFA to schedule yours!

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