Updated SQL and JDF

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Tech Update: Updated SQL and JDF Versions
At A Glance:

:Apogee Prepress 7 uses Microsoft SQL 2008. :Apogee Prepress framework is updated to use JDF 1.4 for both input and output interaction.


Applies To:

Prepress Automate, Manage, Control, Render, Platemaker

How It Works:

From the user’s perspective, there’s nothing you need to do. These are technological updates designed to ensure your system stays current with other technologies.

With respect to Microsoft SQL 2008, your system will use either SQL 2008 Express, or if you have the database upgrade option, SQL 2008 server. All licensing of SQL is handled through Agfa and Prepress does not support any version licensed privately.

Accompanying the implementation of JDF 1.4 is a redesign of our JDF Server implementation. This improves messaging, error recovery and JDF job plan flexibility.

For Platemaker users, JDF enhancements mean the product continues to mature and additional enhancements, especially regarding interactions between Prepress and Platemaker, become available.

For additional Platemaker changes and enhancements, please see the specific Platemaker section posted elsewhere on this site!

Why is this Important?

For you, maybe it’s not. These updates aren’t something you see or interact with. But keeping the behind the scenes technology up to date allows us to continually enhance what your system does and how well it does it.

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