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Convert Preps settings to Apogee Impose
At A Glance:

Before beginning with Apogee Impose, settings can be created at Apogee or imported from Preps which will fine-tune Apogee to your imposition needs. There is a special tool that can be used to examine templates and marks and import some settings.

Applies To:

Apogee Impose

How It Works:

The Preps2ApogeeImpose tool is in the SupportFiles>Utilities>Impose folder.

Make a copy of the Preps Templates and Marks folders inside the P2ATool folder. Open this folder and launch the P2ATool.exe file. Browse to the Template folder and the Marks folder will also appear if it is in the same path. Change to Imperial and click Go.

Note: if Imperial is grayed out, click Go first, then change to Imperial.

The tool will read through the Templates and Marks folders and identify the following categories: Templates, Sheets, Sheet Sizes, Page Sizes, Fold Schemes, File Marks, Collation Marks, Text Marks and Rectangle Marks.

For each category except Templates, Sheets, and Collation Marks, it is possible to select some or all of the elements and Export them. When anything is exported P2A creates an Export folder inside the P2ATool folder. Export the Sheet and Page Sizes, Text, Rectangle and File Marks and Fold Schemes. When exporting File Marks choose whether to export the marks individually or as a set.

Note: Mark Sets will likely have to be edited and repositioned.

When the categories have been exported, the following folders will have been created.

The exported categories can be imported into Apogee Impose. Select and open the Apogee Impose Resource, click the folder icon and choose the exported category. Import some or all of the saved information.

Note: Marks also can be imported directly from the Preps Marks folder.

Open the Marks resource to import File Marks.

Note: because of rounding errors, page and sheet sizes are currently importing incorrectly when Imperial is selected. Hopefully this will be resolved in a future release. Currently, only marks and folding schemes can be imported without changing values.

To import Mark Sets, open Mark Engraver, click the cog wheel, and choose Import.

Import Folding Schemes by page-count category. Select the page count and choose the import folder in the right-hand column. Select the Folding Schemes with that page count from the import folder.

Note: folding schemes imported with the Preps2Apogee tool will have P2A in their name. These can be edited and removed.

Why is this Important:

Setting up some initial defaults will allow a great deal of automation within Apogee Impose. Analyzing the settings in Preps gives a good starting point.

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