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Impose: Managing Your Impose Resources
At A Glance:

As mentioned in an earlier topic, Apogee Impose is a resource driven imposition solution. It is important to make sure there are backups of these resources. Although there is the Configuration Manager utility, it is used more for a global back up of the entire system. It is highly recommended that you manually export your Apogee Impose resources in addition to your Configuration Manager back ups. This ensures that you can quickly restore individual settings should they be accidentally deleted or edited.

How It Works:

A batch program has been written to create a folder structure on a drive of your choosing on the Apogee System.

Using the Script
  1. After downloading, copy the batch program to the Apogee Server.
  2. Double-click the batch program and and enter the desired drive letter when prompted and hit return.
  3. When done the batch program will create the directory structure shown on the right.
There are three main categories for the resources:

SYSTEM > Page Sizes, Sheet Sizes and Products

Generic Press > Paper Stock

Impose > Mark Engraver, Folding Schemes, Press Sheet Layout Rules, Shingling Rules, Binding Options, Auto Impose Rules, Auto Fit Rules, Margins, and Marks

Once the folder structure is ready you can begin to back up your resources. Most resources associated with Apogee Impose will have the standard floppy disk icon to select in order to save the resources. This is very similar to saving parameter sets.

The Mark Engraver is different. The import/export of mark sets and the managing of pens and layers is done by selecting the cog wheel in the top left corner.

Pens and layers are saved by selecting the floppy disk icon. Mark Sets are imported or exported.

To save (export) a mark set:

  1. Select the mark set(s)
  2. Select the cog wheel
  3. Select Export
  4. Browse to the location to save the Mark Set.
  5. Why is this Important:

    It is always important to have back ups of key resources used by Apogee in case of catastrophic failure or accidental deletion.

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