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What is Expert Services?

Agfa's Expert Services is one of the print industry’s most experienced and knowledgeable organizations. Consultants, engineers and instructors interface daily with print companies throughout North America. Working together with our clients, Expert Services designs and executes solutions that measurably improve business and operational performance. Our services outline solutions that will increase efficiency and enhance productivity, ultimately resulting in a direct impact on your bottom line.

The Expert Services group accomplishes this through an unbiased assessment of your manufacturing processes and the systems driving them. We develop customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. In short, we help you improve profitability by reducing cost, improving turn-around, and expanding automation without sacrificing quality.

Expert ServicesExpert Services

GraCol G7 Press Calibration

GRACol G7 Press Calibration provides a new way of calibrating and controlling any CMYK imaging process. It helps a printing company achieve a visually constant printed appearance for gray balance and tone reproduction:

  • Across multiple presses
  • Same or multiple locations
  • Across coated, matte, uncoated paper types
  • Using conventional or exotic screening
  • Across different printing processes (sheetfed, web flexo, screen, inkjet)

GraCol G7GraCol G7 Press Calibration

Knowledge Care

Knowledge Care programs provide you with a predefined number of training and consulting days. These visits from our Application Specialists mainly target production workflow, but can be used for a variety of tasks aimed at developing personnel, improving operational efficiency, and increasing system productivity.

Knowledge Care consulting can also be used to focus on the technical aspects of your system and workflow. Services to support software updates and related training to optimize your workflow around these updates are areas that can be included as part of your Knowledge Care engagement.

Knowledge CareKnowledge Care Agreement

Color Care

Agfa's Color Care program provides you with a range of predefined services that target specific areas of color reproduction, or with programs customized to meet your unique color requirements. With a combined expertise of over 100 years of color management experience, our Color Systems Technical Managers take the time to understand your requirements, provide services based on your unique needs, and consult with you on ways to improve color quality and consistency within your production process. This expertise extends from job creation through to the press room, providing you with the knowledge and services needed to optimize your color reproduction. Color Care PDF

Color CareColor Care

JDF Integration Services

Workflow automation offers a great opportunity for printers to improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability. Industry experts recognize that the CIP4 JDF (Job Definition Format) as one of the most effective methods to get your key systems effectively communicating. Agfa Expert Services has been intimately involved with JDF communication since its inception. We have worked with numerous printers around the world to establish successful communications between JDF compliant systems. From our experience we have developed a range of professional services to assist you and your company in developing your own customized JDF integration.

JDF IntegrationJDF Integration

More Expert Services

Agfa Expert Services offers a variety of customized consulting, training and integration services. Please contact us to discuss how our experts can help your company improve quality, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

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