:Apogee Prepress

:Apogee Prepress is the latest prepress workflow release. :Apogee Prepress fully supports the latest version of Adobe PDF Print Engine which significantly enhances the rendering performance, since PDF files are rendered natively and included transparencies are automatically resolved during the rendering process.

Also new is the multi part job support which allows you to combine the different parts of a job, like the cover and the body part, in one job. It reduces the setup time significantly and allows for easy status tracking.

Agfa Graphics' own developed :Apogee Preflight looks at incoming PDF files, checks the production plan for its specific issues such as Quark's spot blends, or converts PDF files to ISO standard PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-4 for correct processing outside of :Apogee Prepress. Integration between :Apogee Prepress and a digital press is accomplished through CIP4's Digital Print ICS compliant JDF/JMF. Once integrated, :Apogee Prepress becomes the facilitator in a "hybrid workflow". It will manage the creation of proofs, plates and the digital print-ready files. Depending on the requirement, the digital print-ready file can either be a "vector PDF" or a "raster PDF".

The InkSave module provides enormous cost savings for the press room. It separates CMYK jobs in such a way that with less CMY ink on press, the same overall print appearance and quality is achieved. Due to InkSave, additional benefits are provided such as greater press stability, better tolerance to miss-registration, shorter drying time and faster press make-ready.

The :Apogee user interface as well as the messages that are reported to the operator are available in 14 different languages, providing more ease of use and better control of its powerful functions. Through rules, scripts, and extended JDF and JMF support, automated job processing can be controlled and better job tracking and job cost calculations can be performed by communicating accounting specific information to an JDF/JMF enabled MIS system. New proofing and color management enhancers guarantee more control and absolute proofing accuracy.

Components of :Apogee Prepress