:Apogee Color

The graphic arts business is highly competitive. Fast turnaround times require flexible ways of communicating and securing approvals. When creating content, image quality and digital integrity are of the highest importance. Accessing and managing data becomes an automated process. However a fully digital workflow is only an advantage if the colour can be counted on as accurate and consistent. Proofing remains a critical factor in such environment. In fact without predictable proofs at critical points in the production cycle, communication and cooperation between parties would not be possible.

:APOGEE COLOR manages that collaboration on proofing and makes sure that every participant looks at the same proof wherever they are.

For publishers, advertising agencies and prepress shops it is crucial to be very focused on the quality and accuracy of the digital files because their reputation depends on it. :APOGEE COLOR helps them to preserve the brand of their clients through the way their creations are represented. End-to-end quality and colour management is a prerequisite to an automated workflow. :APOGEE COLOR offers the methods to simplify calibration, quality control and colour profiling.

Components of :Apogee Color