:Apogee Proof


Integrated Quality Control for Absolute Proofing Accuracy

Agfa's proofing solutions work in tandem with Agfa's workflow solutions to guarantee digital file integrity throughout the workflow. Stand-alone or in a non-Agfa workflow. :Apogee Proof is the perfect solution. It provides reliable and predictable proofing, system wide. It is versatile and can be set-up as a simple RIP or as an advanced proofing workflow system. More than a RIP, it delivers prepress functionality for managing your proofing workflow. :Apogee Proof drives all :Sherpa and :SherpaProof systems as well as a range of 3rd party printers.

The client server technology puts you in control from anywhere in the network through an intuitive graphical user interface. With built-in colour management and output quality control, the :Apogee Proof delivers absolute proofing accuracy.

Expert Proofing for Ad Agencies, Service Bureaus, Prepress Companies and Printers

In a pre-press workflow the process only becomes more productive and cost-effective if less interventions are required. But at the same time in an automated environment you will need the right check points to be in control. :Apogee Proof was designed for operations that rely on multiple-vendor, off-the-shelf applications. It renders files for proofing in any PS, PDF non-Agfa workflow environment. The unique user interface helps you to manage and track proofing jobs. :Apogee Proof will facilitate on-site or remote hard copy proofing with your :Sherpa or :SherpaProof system.

For both on-site or remote proofing jobs you have all the tools to control output queues and monitor the proofing hard copy quality compared to industry standards.

Adhering to Standards with Integrated Colour Management (:ColorTune) and Quality Management System (:QmsX)

Adhering to industry standards is critical in today's production environment. It allows production partners to exchange files and be sure that they all will achieve the same quality result. Standards also bring consistency within an organisation. Proofing will be used to communicate this quality reference throughout the workflow, even if this includes remote locations. Therefore proofs have to be made according to standard requirements. Printing conditions are simulated with strict procedures for measuring colours. Feeding this trend is the need for quality accreditation by independent graphic institutes like fogra and SWOP.

Colour Management

:ColorTune (colour management software) is designed for enterprise-wide colour control. It let's you integrate colour management in your workflow. :ColorTune is designed so :SherpaProof can reproduce the colour behaviour of specific types of printing presses, e.g. newspaper or commercial offset on the hard copy proof.

Agfa, being one of the founding members of the International Color Consortium (ICC), adheres the colour management system in :Apogee to the ICC colour standard. To define printing standards such as SWOP (web offset) or ISO 12647-2 (sheet fed offset), :ColorTune stores the printing device characteristics in ICC colour profiles. Using these ICC profiles or device links :ColorTune remaps the colour gamut of the proofers in the workflow to simulate the colour reproduced on press.

Dedicated utilities like :ColorTune Display will enable tools for accurate softproofing.

Quality Management

Quality Management Software (:QmsX) is designed for prepress quality control. :ApogeeX Proof integrates Agfa's :QmsX to assist in the maintenance of a stable proofing environment. Colour profiling cannot work unless all systems throughout the organisation are calibrated to a consistent standard. With :QmsX every proofer in the workflow is calibrated using the same tonal target curve. As a result every proofer behaves identically and the same ICC colour profile can be used on all machines.

:QmsX interfaces with all :Sherpa and :SherpaProof systems from anywhere in the network through a remote "client" workstation and works with a spectrophotometer. :QmsX checks the calibration and the engine quality performance. Hence you can verify that the printing engine is stable over a period of time, but also that a number of proofers (local or remote) perform equally good compared to the reference proofing or printing standard. Colour Management and Quality control guarantee the repeatability you need from proof to proof over the whole system.

To label your controlled environment the system can even print a detailed report, so you can identify and eliminate recurring errors and in order to achieve continuous quality improvement. Agfa's implementation of those technologies simplifies calibration to printing standards and makes it part of your regular operating procedure.

Raster Proofing with :SherpaDot

Proofing 'digital film' can be compared to the halftone proof from film. Agfa offers the :SherpaDot option to :Apogee Prepress and :Apogee Proof which uses a 'Dot for Dot' screening technology for :SherpaProof systems: a halftone proof on an ink jet system. It uses the original dots of the digital film to make a colour accurate proof of the final printed sheet. Now you can evaluate the visual effect of screening on your printed result and even predict subject moire. The Digital Film Proof option which kind of goes together with :SherpaDot also features progressive separations to simulate the interaction (trapping, overprinting) between individual plates.

Communicating colour control with :SherpaRemote

All :Apogee systems including :Apogee Proof support integrated hard copy proofing on local and remote locations, Remote locations can be print buyers that you want to tie-in in the proof validation process, or maybe a remote printer site that will produce printed matter from your digital data. :SherpaRemote connects those 'remote' sites in the workflow in a straightforward way. :Apogee Proof generates the proofing data, colour and quality controlled - the hard copy is printed on the printer that has a remote connection. A simple to use queue based printer driver manages the remote output of the pages. To verify the quality of the remote print, measuring a proof check strip with a spectrophotometer will do the job. :ColorTune Measure will help you to manage these measurements and feed them back into the :Apogee for corrective calibrations. Optionally a 'proof quality label' can be printed so your (remote) proof is validated.

:SherpaRemote is more than an :Apogee feature, it is a cost and time savings tool. It makes the proofing cycle shorter and hence enhances the all-over productivity of your prepress (and proofing) workflow. And with Agfa's Delano, you can even extend this collaboration between your site and other parties involved. :SherpaRemote focuses on hard copy proofing, :Delano WebApproval offers also soft proofing and file approval.

:SherpaProof Inkjet Media

For inkjet printing systems to meet the very strict requirements for contract proofing, properly coated media is crucially important. The interaction between ink and substrates determine the basic characteristics of the proofs so they can indeed match printed matter. Agfa's expertise on media guarantees the quality of a wide selection of exacting proofing bases to answer the needs of a variety of printing applications.

:Apogee Proof Matches Your Needs

:Apogee Proof comes with a five-client license - giving you full control to everyone in your entire network. :Apogee Prepress has no size limitation.


Hot folder, AppleTalk, Named Pipe, TCP/IP, LPR input channels:

Enables file input from any Mac or PC applications.

MultiFlow Production Plans:

Describe all required processing steps from input to final output on the proofer, local or remote.

Hot Tickets:

Consistent ouput and control.

Job Tracking & Queue Management:

Complete control of proofing output .


Automatically resolve transparent objects included in PDF1.4/PDF1.5/PDF1.6.

Adobe based Renderer:

Interpret PS or EPS, or renders PDF, with In-Render Trapping (optional) and color management.

Contone Previewer:

Enables softproofing to check for correct separation, overprint, knock-out, and trapping.

One Central Resource Database :

Manages fonts, profiles, calibration data etc. for all connected proofers in the workflow to guarantee digital integrity. This ODCB compliant database will also log all job related processing information.

Direct Drivers :

For the :Sherpa family and for a series of non-Agfa profers (Epson and HP). It can also export a low res contone TIFF file to communicate proof files with other systems.


Included to enabe integrated proofing on remote sits fully controlled by :ApogeeX Proof or :ApogeeX workflow systems (with the Hardcopy Proof option installed).

Five :Apogee Client Licenses:

Enables five operators to log-on to the :Apogee Proof application simultaneously to perform quality control, manage and track job.

Supported engines- Direct drivers are supported for the following printers*:
  • :Sherpa 24m, :Sherpa44m, :Sherpa 43i, :SherpaMatic, :Grand Sherpa 50, :Grand Sherpa 64, :Grand SherpaMatic
  • Epson Stylus Pro 10000
  • :SherpaProof certified : Epson Stylus Pro 7600, 9600, 4800, 7800, 9800, 4880, 7880, 9880, 11880
  • HP 750, 1050, 2500, 3500, 5500/42, 5500/60
    *QmsX only supported on Agfa's :Sherpa and :SherpaProof certified engines.
  • Accreditation of :SherpaProof systems by independent graphic institutes like fogra and SWOP.


Upgrades Enhancers
Upgrade to :Apogee PDF & Proof O
Quality Enhancer  
In-Render Trapping (IRT) O
Inclusive :QmsX - quality management for colour contract proofing O
Proofing Enhancer  
Hardcopy Proofing O
SoftProofing by contone previewer O
:ColorTune colour management O
:Additional Proofer TP connection O
:Sherpa Remote  
Remote Proofing Controller (RPC) O
Remote Proofing Receiver (comes with RPC) O
ColorTune Measure O
:SherpaDot (Dot for Dot including Digital Film Proof) O
Connectivity Link  
OpenConnect - import screened DCS and 1 & 8-bit TIFF O
OpenConvert - import and convert (n)CT/(n)LW and TIFF-IT files O
Non Agfa Output Link (includes TIFF-OUT) O
Adobe PDF Print Engine O
Additional Output Capacity O
Additional PDF Processing Capacity O

O = standard
O = enhancer
O = requires JDF/JMF (MIS) Link

For a complete list of enhancers, please contact your local Agfa Graphics sales representative.