:Apogee PDF & Proof


Automate Reliable PDF Creation, From any Seat

:Apogee PDF & Proof provides fully integrated PDF creation using a single graphical user interface. It's intuitive and therefore easy to learn and use. It comes with advanced tools that helps you manage the PDF creation, preflighting, trapping, proofing, and the export of workflow-optimised PDF files, all from one central place. An integrated Flattener automatically resolves transparencies that are found in PDF1.4/PDF1.5/PDF1.6, and lets you generate and export Certified PDF files to remote production facilities in either PDF, PDF/X-1, PDF/X-1a or PDF/X-3 format. Without compromise it also allows you to export JDF files for reliable exchange of the PDF pages with remote production centers.

PDF Creation for Designers, Prepress and
Printing Companies

:Apogee PDF & Proof lets you create workflow-optimised PDF files for internal or remote processing. It runs on either a Windows-based workstation or server platform, providing advertising agencies, design firms, service bureaus, prepress houses, printers, or any content creator the processing power that they require. Easily and efficiently, :Apogee PDF & Proof transforms PS or EPS files into PDF format based on any processing criteria that you define. Automated preflighting and flattening assures that the PDFs comply to the production criteria and do not include any unexpected transparent objects. Complete PDF processing from within :Apogee PDF & Proof guarantees data integrity and maximum throughput. A unique graphical user interface lets you manage and track your PDFs with ease. At any point, you can monitor tasks such as PDF creation, preflighting, and with a click of the mouse, hold, resume, delete, or change the priority of any of those tasks.

Controlled Automation of PDF Jobs

:Apogee PDF & Proof was designed to accommodate any production needs. Using scripts, rules, or specific conditions, smart decisions are made on how PDFs are to be created and further processed. For maximum automation, :Apogee PDF & Proof uses JDF to communicate with the :Apogee WebAppoval for file upload and approval or the :Apogee ProjectManager system for controlled processing and validation of page content.

Optionally :Apogee PDF & Proof can integrate through JDF with any JDF enabled MIS system. Through JDF intake, tasks are defined and PDF jobs are automatically processed. To track progression on the PDF creation and calculate costs, JMF can be added for real-time reporting of page revisions, and number of proofs made, back into :Apogee or the MIS system.

Scaling :Apogee PDF & Proof - Enhancing functionality and Productivity

:Apogee PDF & Proof is scalable. It can match your exact throughput requirements and expand productivity as needed. Through flexible licensing, you can easily add enhancers and scale from a single-platform to a multiplatform workhorse. Once scaled, built in Fault Tolerance features provide additional security, minimizing down-time and maximizing production, even in the event of a computer platform or hard disk failure.


Hot folder, AppleTalk, Named Pipe, TCP/IP, LPR input channels:

Enables file input from any Mac or PC applications.

Comprehensive Job Tickets -
Production Plan - MultiFlow:

Provides a single job ticket that graphically describes all required processing steps from PDF creation, preflighting, flattening, and proofing to final export of (Certified) PDFs, and PDF/X files to remote sites.

PDF Preflighting:

Is based on the Enfocus PitStop Server technology providing automated preflighting, editing, and Certification of PDFs. The optional Enfocus PitStop Professional plug-in can be used to modify or create new custom preflight profiles and action lists.

Support for Ghent Workgroup Preflight profiles:

Provides standardized preflighting of PDFs.

Hot Tickets:

Contain Production Plans for fully automatic (handsoff) PDF processing and export.

Job Tracking & Management:

Easy-to-use tools lets you monitor the progress of a job and interact with it to either hold, resume, delete, change its priority, approve/reject proofs, or archive the PDFs to near or offline 3rd party backup solutions.

MSDE database:

Logs all related job processing information and keeps track of all resources such as various versions of the PDF, untrapped or trapped PDFs, fonts, and ICC profiles. Logging information can be easily shared with any ODBC compliant applications for cost calculation purposes.


Automatically resolve transparent objects included in PDF1.4/PDF1.5/PDF1.6.

Soft Proofing:

View PDFs in Adobe Acrobat automatically launched from the :Apogee Client application. A dedicated plugin for Acrobat enables you to view the PDFs with hires images or alternate images for faster viewing experiences.

Export PDF, PDF/X-1, PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and JDF:

Provides reliable colour management fi le exchange to media and print production applications.

Five :Apogee Client Licenses:

A native graphical application for Macintosh and PC, enables five operators to logon to :Apogee PDF & Proof simultaneously to create and submit Job Tickets, manage and track the PDF creation, preflighting, trapping, proofing, and export.


PDF & Proof Enhancer Enhancers
In-Render Trapping (IRT) O
Open Convert - import screened DCS and 1 bit Tiff O
Open Convert - import and convert (n)CT/(n)LW and Tiff-IT files O
Connectivity Link  
Web-based approval through :Apogee WebApproval O
Additional Output Capacity O
Additional PDF processing Capacity O

O = enhancer
O = required when integrating with :Apogee WebApproval or :Apogee Production