:Apogee ColorTune


Seamlessly integrates end-to-End colour management solutions with graphic workflows.

The graphic arts business is highly competitive. Fast turnaround times require flexible ways of communicating and securing approvals. When creating content, image quality and digital integrity are of the highest importance. Accessing and managing data becomes an automated process. However a fully digital workflow is only an advantage if the colour can be counted on as accurate and consistent. For publishers, advertising agencies and prepress shops it is crucial to be very focused on the quality and accuracy of the digital files because their reputation depends on it. :Apogee ColorTune 5.0 , being a part of :Apogee Color helps them to preserve the brand of their clients through the way their creations are represented. End-to-end quality and colour management is a prerequisite to an automated workflow.

:Apogee ColorTune 5.0 offers the methods for simplifying calibration, quality control and colour profiling. This ensures that every participant in the production cycle has the same perception of the same wherever they are. Clear communication requires open standards. Agfa, being one of the founding members of the International Color Consortium (ICC), adheres the colour management system in :Apogee to the ICC colour standard.


Integrated Color Management
  • Put Color and Quality control in your project management or prepress workflow
  • Because fully integrated end-to-end quality and color management is a prerequisite to an automated workflow
  • Inkjet
  • Offset
  • Soft Proofing, Hard Copy Proofing, Remote proofing
Measurement and validation
  • Industry standards and cetificatinos (Fogra, ISO...)
  • Reporting and Proof OK labels (Certified Proofing)
  • Delta E prediction
Calibration and validation of devices
  • Color Profiles based on spectral data
  • Create custom spot color libraries
Process Optimization
  • Device Links (CMYK)
  • Closed Loop Characterization (minimise Delta E)
Color Quality Management
Soft Proof
  • Enhanced Redering for Display/Monitor (Display TP)
  • XML communication of parameters Soft Proof workstation with :Apogee


PDF & Proof Enhancer Enhancers
In-Render Trapping (IRT) O
Open Convert - import screened DCS and 1 bit Tiff O
Open Convert - import and convert (n)CT/(n)LW and Tiff-IT files O
Connectivity Link  
Web-based approval through :Apogee WebApproval O
Additional Output Capacity O
Additional PDF processing Capacity O

O = enhancer
O = required when integrating with :Apogee WebApproval or :Apogee Production