WebApproval: Creating Users
At A Glance

WebApproval accounts may now have more than one customer contact in Prepress 6.

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How It Works

You continue to create a WebApproval account and primary customer contact using the Prepress 6 client. However additional customer contacts may be added using either the classic Portal user interface or PageMaster.

Once additional contacts are added to the customer account, you may select them from the Prepress client.

Because users are created using Portal, either you or your customer may add the users. Any user with Company level access may create additional users. By default, the primary contact you add when you initially create the account has Company level access. If you do not want that user to be able to add additional users, you may edit their user profile and change their access level to Product. This way they can still upload files and approve pages, but they will not be able to edit their customer information or add users.

This video demonstrates how to create the customer account and primary user, then how to add additional users from the classic Portal user interface.

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This video walks you through the same process, but uses PageMaster. If you have the StreamProof option, you may use PageMaster.

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There are six simple steps to adding a contact. The following screenshots are taken from the classic user interface.

  1. Log on to your Portal system and select Profiles > Companies.
  2. Select the Company for which you want to add a user.
  3. Select the Users tab.
  4. Click the + (plus) sign to add a user.
  5. Fill out all the fields in red. Also provide an email address for the user in the Company email field.
  6. Click OK.

When you create a Prepress job and associate a web account you may select any user from the drop down list.

Why Is This Important?

It‚ is important because you asked for it. Because you can now have multiple contacts for your web accounts, it means when you‚ are dealing with larger accounts with multiple designers you can direct your Prepress jobs to specific users.

You‚ are in control of those users, too. You can create them yourself in your Portal interface or you can allow your primary contacts to do it. Regardless of which user you select for any given job, the primary contact will always receive email notifications about the job.