Parameter Set Management

Enhancement: Managing Parameter Sets
At A Glance

Prepress 6 allows you to create, edit and manage parameter sets while editing a job.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Proof, PDF & Proof

How It Works

When editing a job you now have the ability to change a parameter set on the fly. This means that you can either modify an existing parameter set and save it or create a new parameter set and save it.

We are now also able to manage the parameter sets while editing a job.

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Why is this Important?

You are no longer required to go to the system overview window, select a task processor and then access the parameter sets to make the changes or additions that you need.

This can be a helpful tool while testing certain settings within an existing job. You can save the parameter set once the right settings are found as a new parameter set, manage the parameter sets while editing a job, and delete or overwrite the old parameter set.