Feedback to Prepress

PlateMaker: Feedback to Sender System
At A Glance

PlateMaker 6 is more tightly integrated with :Apogee Prepress front end systems, allowing both systems to communicate more effectively.

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How It Works

Increased communication between Prepress and PlateMaker enables the sender system (Prepress) and the receiver system (PlateMaker) to communicate more efficiently with one another. Users on either system can see when results have been rejected.

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Enhanced feedback also allows for smoother transactions when either PlateMaker or Prepress is unavailable. Both the sender system and the receiver system poll for connectivity status. If There’s been in interruption in the connection, one system simply waits until it receives notification from the other that all is well and processing picks up where it left off. There is no need to restart task processors, or reboot both systems when an unforeseen problem arises.

Why is this Important?

Not only is the feedback of job status improved, the PlateMaker system remains in contant communication with the Prepress system enabling quick recovery when either system is offline.