New Digiwedges

PlateMaker: New DigiWedges
At A Glance

PlateMaker 6 has new DigiWedges for the TIFFRender task processor.

Applies To:

Automate, Manage, Control, Render, PlateMaker

How It Works

There are six new DigiWedges for use with the TIFFRenderer. They are not loaded by default. If you need them, you need to load them. They are located on the Prepress 6 DVD in \Resources\Marks\DigiWedge\TIFFRender.

Use the procedure below to load them.

  1. In the System Overview window, select your output device, then open the Marks resouce.
  2. Click the folder icon to add a new mark.
  3. Navigate to the folder above and select the appropriate DigiWedge PDF file.

Why is this Important?

Now you can output a DigiWedge for monitoring Agfa plates when the 1-bit TIFFs do not contain one. In prior versions, the DigiWedges did not work with TIFFRender. Additionally, these DigiWedges work with the PDFRender.