Remarks & Annotations

WebApproval: Remarks and Annotations
At A Glance

There are multiple ways to see remarks and annotations in the Prepress user interface. Approval and rejection comments as well as StreamProof remarks are available.

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How It Works

Prior to Prepress 6, only page rejection comments were readily available in the Prepress client. If the page approver created remarks in the Portal or StreamProof interface, you had to go looking for them. With Portal and Prepress 6, those remarks are now easily available within your Prepress client.

In this video, We’re going to add comments to a job, then look at them within the Prepress client.

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Recapping quickly, There’s a few places you can check for remarks or annotations that have been added to your job. In the Prepress client, look at the job list. Is there a globe with an envelope on it in the status column? Click it, because it directs you to the Job Messages log.

In the Results tab, when remarks or annotations have been added to any page, you’ll see an icon next to the page or flat. A thumbs up means the page was approved but there are remarks. A thumbs down means a page has been rejected.

You may click the icon, or you may Preview the page. In either case, clicking the icon allows you to see the remark.

When you’re in Preview, to see an overview of all remarks or annotations, open the Remarks window.

Why Is This Important?

it’s important because it consolidates everything in the Prepress client. that’s the application you use most when working with Prepress, so that’s where information is recorded. it’s one-stop shopping!

it’s also a collaboration tool for you. Your customers provide feedback directly to the job, so you see firsthand what they wrote.