Job Import

WebApproval: Importing Archives
At A Glance

Web Upload tasks are converted to Hot Folder Input and web proof actions are converted to softproof actions when archives are imported into Prepress 6.

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How It Works

Task and action conversion occurs automatically for any archived job imported into Prepress 6. Once the import is complete, the job may be edited and you may add a Web Upload task or web proof action.

let’s take a look at this in action.

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If you have older WebApproval archives, they may have contained more than one web proof action. With Prepress 6, you may only have one web proof action per job.

Why Is This Important?

Any time you submit a job with any WebApproval function, emails to the customer contact are generated. By automatically converting archives to standard jobs, meaning no WebApproval functions, no emails are generated. When you’re doing a direct reprint, or you need to grab pages to use in another job, you can import an archive and not worry about sending emails to your customer.

it’s also really nice that pages in the run list don’t have to be re-approved unless you want that to happen. All you have to do is swap the softproof action for a web proof action.