Job Duplication

WebApproval: Duplicating Jobs
At A Glance

Duplicating jobs with WebApproval features is possible in Prepress 6. Documents uploaded to the original job but not placed in the Run List are not copied to the duplicate job.

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How It Works

There are two scenarios for duplicating WebApproval jobs.

  1. Jobs with no pages assigned to Run List positions.
  2. Jobs with pages already assigned to Run List positions. Assigned pages may have any approval status, e.g., approved, unapproved or rejected.

In either scenario, as soon as the job is duplicated, it’s placed in Edit mode so you can make any changes you need.

This first video looks at duplicating a job with no pages currently assigned. You might do this to produce a series of brochures. For each brochure, a different approval customer may be supplying and approving pages.

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This video looks at the second scenario. There’s already pages in the job. When a page is already approved, it doesn’t require approval again. Pages that are rejected allow your approval account contact to upload new pages.

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Why Is This Important?

Duplicating jobs extends your system’s flexibility. You can probably think of a few jobs in your shop where this could be useful. One of the nice things about the second scenario is that when your customer gives you two jobs that share several pages, you can set up one job and get it going. Then you can duplicate it, give it a new name and number and keep any pages that have already been approved. Your customer will only have to approve the common pages once, shortening the production time on the second job.