ProjectManager: Preflight vs. Apogee Preflight
At A Glance

The profiles included with the new Apogee Preflight cannot be used in the Export task processor. You will continue to use Enfocus Preflight profiles to generate reports.

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How It Works

When you generate preflight reports in ProjectManager, you are using the Certification function of the Export TP. you’re not really certifying the PDFs, you’re just generating a useful report for your customers. The new Apogee Preflight TP includes preflight profiles that are not user-editable and will not generate a report if used in the Export task. You need to continue using Enfocus profiles in the Export TP if you want to continue generating reports.

You may still add the Apogee Preflight TP to your :Portal hot tickets and utilize any available actions.
For additional information on the new Apogee Preflight task processor, please see New Features: Apogee Preflight.

Why Is This Important?

Apogee Preflight is designed for in-line file checking and error correction, not report generation.