Spreads View

StreamProof: Viewing Spreads
At A Glance

StreamProof allows you to see your proof pages displayed as spreads. Page boxes, both trim and bleed are also visualized across the spread.

Applies To:

WebApproval, ProjectManager

How It Works

Viewing proofs in spreads format is possible in both the classic Portal user interface and the PageMaster interface. Once you’ve accessed your StreamProofs, it’s a matter of selecting how you want to view them, pages or spreads.

To change views in the classic Portal user interface, locate the view drop down at the top of the window. You can toggle between Page Preview or Spread Preview.

To change views in the PageMaster interface, locate the two icons at the top of the StreamProof window. One looks like a single page, the other looks like a double. The current view is indicated by the icon turning orange.

The circled icon above indicates spread view.

The image above is a spread view from PageMaster. See the cursor at the top? it’s positioned over the double page icon colored orange, indicating spread view. Also notice page boxes are displayed, showing trim and bleed boundaries for the proof.

When you’re dealing with crossovers, having a spread preview is helpful, you can see page positioning. In the example below, We’re showing the same job, but in single page mode. We’re viewing with the classic Portal user interface this time.

Why Is This Important?

Spread view gives you another tool to check your work before committing anything to paper or plate. While it probably doesn’t make a difference for most pages, when you have crossovers it’s a great tool to display your work.

Your customers can get confused by imposed proofs, they don’t always understand why some things are upside down, why the pages are sometimes in weird sequences, why bleeds are so small on tight sheets. But what they do understand is the idea of a reader spread!