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StreamProof: Cyan Soft Support Discontinued
At A Glance

Portal 6 does not support Cyan Soft StreamProof.

Applies To:

WebApproval, ProjectManager

How It Works

The original StreamProof was OEM software Agfa licensed until we could provide you with a tightly integrated version that better utilized both Prepress and Portal. Apogee StreamProof was introduced in version 5, and is the only version we support moving forward.

If you’re still using the old version, you will need to transition your customers to Apogee StreamProof. If you are currently using Portal/Prepress 5.0 and Apogee StreamProof is installed and configured, you can begin the process before you upgrade to 6.

Why Is This Important?

Apogee StreamProof is much more efficiently integrated into Prepress and Portal. When you generate Apogee StreamProofs, you’re using nothing but Agfa tools, so the same technology that generate the files that go to your plates or your proofers is used to generate your on-line proofs. The same is not true with the older Cyan Soft StreamProof.

The user experience is almost identical, so it shouldn’t take too much of a nudge to transition customers from the old stuff to the new stuff!